About US

The Maui Lani Cane Fire Foundation is dedicated to helping youth develop physical and mental skills that work on and off the court. Our programs help young athletes build a sense of teamwork, cooperation and community. For Maui Lani Cane Fire and our players, it isn’t about winning every game but learning how to set goals, be proactive and work hard to accomplish those goals.

Founded in 2013 by Jay Peros, Maui Lani Cane Fire has been dedicated to helping youth find joy in playing and learning about basketball at all ages. Our goal is to provide more than court coaching experience and a sports outlet for the young athletes. We aim to teach boys and girls what it takes to be a champion and a participating team member regardless of whether you win or lose. But most of all we want to teach them how to support your OHANA with any challenge life may throw at them.

AAU/CLUB Basketball

We currently play in various leagues and tournaments year round across Hawaii. We also travel to the mainland to compete and showcase our teams. This is for the serious ball player looking to take their skills to the next level. It requires a time and financial commitment from both the players and parents.


Maui Lani Cane Fire hosts skill development camps and clinics throughout the year for both AAU and school athletes. We have Open Camps and Clinics that are for the public as well as private options for established teams. Maui Lani Cane Fire does not recruit kids from other teams and has a policy we follow regarding team switching, meaning your teams are safe to train with us.

Personal Training

We offer endless choices for private or personal training for basketball players of all ages. Our workouts focus on strength and agility, injury prevention and skills development. Individual goals are set for each player as a map to becoming the best player they can be with hardwork, and parent/team and coach support.